Wednesday, June 26


I feel as though the Comfrey plant is the world traveler of my property.

It seems to pop up everywhere and as I tour the yard taking pictures of my flowers and plants and chickens, I will always see the comfrey here and there. And I take a picture of it, especially if it is flowering and there are tons of bee's taking a sample. I feel like I should post the pictures with captions like "here is Comfrey in the side garden", "here is Comfrey in the compost pile", "here is Comfrey at the Eiffel Tower", "and here is Comfrey on a beach in Jamaica."

Comfrey gets around.

I put some in my garden by the barn back when I was young and naive. When I thought I could contain everything and plants would bend to my whims and desires for an orderly yet stunning garden. My grandmother gave me the plant and told me that it would spread. Well, for mortals maybe, but not with my super human gardening powers.

Turns out that I am not as wonderful as I thought I was.

And the comfrey is an above average invader of gardens, yards, roadside ditches and fields.

Since I got that plant, I have been pulling and digging and cutting and cursing.

Not that it is all bad - it is a nice plant, in a way. It grows fast, it is tall and fills in back spaces of gardens and fence lines well, it attracts bees with its nice purple flowers and, if staked up, it will stay tall and if not staked up and cut back, it will regrow quickly in the same season. (Mature comfrey plants can be harvested up to four or five times a year.)

It is now growing not only in the barn garden,  but the side garden, the field, the compost area, the wooded area on the other side of the house, and I think I saw one or two of the dark green leaves peeking up out of the pachysandra.

I am sure that it has traveled to all corners of the globe in its travels and I will be receiving postcards from Comfrey shortly. He is a feisty and adventurous plant that does what he pleases and can survive just about anything. Everest? The Alps?  The North Pole? Western New York in a humid and stagnant weather pattern?

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