Sunday, May 12

The Wisdom of the Lilac

When the lilacs come out, I know that I can officially celebrate the full throws of spring. I look forward to them every year and we have 4 bushes in our yard, all in various shades of purple. the largest bush is right outside the back kitchen window and every time I go in or out the back door I can smell a wonderful blast of perfume heaven.
Yesterday the little man and I cut a few to bring into the house. They are currently looking great in a nice vase on the table and making the kitchen smell wonderful. I made sure to choose a vase with a nice wide bottom in order to prevent a lilac accident since Seamus has an obsession with destroying, oops, I mean exploring anything plant-related. I could picture him 'exploring' the lilacs and having the whole thing tipping over and soaking the tablecloth.
I am not one to prune my lilac bushes. I know that some pruning is good, but I try to do the  bare minimum - removing storm damaged branches or low hanging limbs that make it impossible to mow the lawn in the immediate vicinity. I like the way the wavy limbs seem to grow in defiance of the laws of nature - intertwined and uninhibited. The texture and color of the bark reminds me of ancient fairy tale forests and even the young bushes seem so old and wise because of it.
And I believe they share that wisdom with us. What do you do when you are near a lilac bush? Most of us stop and take a deep breath of the wonderful scent. And another. And probably another. Standing still and taking slow, deep breaths. I can tell you that the calming effect this has on the mother of two spirited children is some priceless wisdom I am glad to be the recipient of. If just half of us heeded the wisdom of the lilac bush, the world might be just a little bit better.

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