Friday, May 17

The Potato Project

Roy's raised bed potato project
This year Roy is in charge of potatoes.

It was his suggestion and at first I thought he was doubting my potato growing skills. I reminded him that, if nothing else, potatoes have always done very well in my garden. He told me that he was not questioning my gardening expertise, he just wanted to try a new method of growing them that he heard about.
Given that almost all of Roy's ideas or suggestions concerning the yard and garden (few and far between as they may be) end up being my new responsibility, I told him that he would be doing the work. No discussion.
His method was to choose a place in the side field to build a raised bed garden out of cardboard, shovels full of dirty straw from the coop and topsoil. We decided on an area that needed some nutrients that was part of the old garden, currently on 'resting' status. True to his word, he and the little man were out there laying down cardboard and looking very proud of themselves.
And true to past experiences, I was indeed the one hauling and shoveling the chicken poop.
He did haul most of the topsoil and rake the bed level, which I am still recovering from the shock of. I was so shocked that I did not even think to grab the camera and record the moment. He and the little man carefully cut and planted the potato starters, covered the rows and marked them with wooden garden stakes.
The end result was one that I am not entirely unhappy with. I admit that the idea sounded slightly messy and unnecessary given that growing potatoes in the dirt had never been a challenge or caused any difficulty here in the past.

After over a decade of gardening and food production falling under my job description, he has taken an interest.

In potatoes.

A girl couldn't ask for more.

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  1. I don't think that's a bad deal. My husband does exactly nothing in the garden, so you're ahead of me! I hope you get a wonderful yield!