Monday, May 13

Dubrovnik Fencing

The new garden fence has taken up a great deal of time during these last few weeks. Given that I only have small amounts of time in which to work on it, generally during the baby's nap time or in the evening, it has monopolized my yard time.
As of today we have installed 26 rough-cut larch posts and two out of the 4 sides have the galvanized 4' fencing installed. It is starting to look like a proper garden fence. Or as I like to call it, my garden fortification system.
I feel as if I am engaged in an ongoing battle against a determined and entrenched army of woodchucks, bunnies and deer. They are also brazen in their attacks - sometimes coming out in broad daylight for a shot at the all-you-can-eat salad buffet.
Last July I went to the garden to find some of these guys happily munching away on clover - inside the garden fence. Another one was snacking on some of my peas. I was able to get within 6 feet of them and when they eventually took a break from eating to notice me, they did not run immediately. They gave me a look as if to say "May I help you?" and after I yelled, they made a hasty retreat to their home under my garden shed. They are so brazen as to live under my garden shed.
This new fence will be the farming equivalent of the Walls of Dubrovnik, never to be breached by a hostile army.

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