Saturday, May 11

Another week has flown by, and given the beautiful weather we had for most of it, we managed to get quite a few things knocked off the to-do list. Normally, no matter how many things I get checked off, I still do not feel like I got anything done. But this past week, I actually felt like I accomplished some things. Given the great weather, Roy decided to take a couple vacation days to spend some time helping me with my projects.

I got dirty and smelly and I was tired and my muscles ached but I have not felt this good in a long time. Not since the little man was a little baby and I had a line of babysitters just waiting to get their hands on his little cheeks. So even though I had a baby, I still got things done on the scale I did before I became a mommy.

One of the more notable accomplishments....

The chicken coop has been completely cleaned of its winter deep bedding. I used half of the straw and 'chicken leavings' to put down a 7" layer on Roy's potato bed project (more on that later) and the rest I used to cover the floor of the outdoor run. I used the dirtiest straw for the potatoes, such as the shovels full I got from under the ladies favorite roosting areas, and I used the cleaner straw to put down a layer on the ground of their outdoor run. The ladies were very happy with the new clean coop and the goodies to scratch around in outside.

From what I can only guess is a great big 'thank you' for the fresh bedding, I have been getting more eggs for the last few days. I was down to getting only about 4 per day but for the past three days I have been getting almost a dozen!

The 6 new girls have also made their way into the segregated section of the interior coop. They had outgrown their basement accommodations and had started to fly out of the baby gate enclosure at all hours of the day and night to feast on my seedlings. I lost a few tomato plants as of this morning, so as of this afternoon, the new girls are in the coop. At last check, they were in a staring contest with some of the older ladies through the partitions.

In more coop-related news, I have purchased a 5 gallon water font to replace the several 1 gallon fonts I have been using for the past few years. While they are perfectly fine, aside from the necessary cleaning, the 5 gallon font has proved to be a great time saver. The ladies do not manage to get as much debris into the base and I only have to clean and refill it about every 5 days. I am very happy with this investment, and I still have the 1 gallon fonts to use for the new girls and to supply a source of water in the outside run on those hot summer days.

More dispatches from the homestead front lines shortly.....

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