Friday, April 26

The Troops and the Means to Defend Them.

I have come to think of my garden as a castle. It must have high, sturdy walls and provide safety and security to those inside. Especially during an attack.
These seedlings will be transferred outside next month to the interior of what I hope will be a very secure castle. Last year my fortifications were put to shame by invaders in the form of woodchucks, bunnies and deer. I might as well have left the drawbridge down and invited them to the buffet.
This year, I am constructing my fortress. 1200 square feet of enclosed garden paradise. Two fences, heavy duty posts, durable gate, motion detectors, tripwires, and laser sensors. (the last three are on back order).
Rest easy little seedlings.

The first row of posts are in. they stand a little over 4ft tall and are buried 2ft down.
Good luck, wood chuck.

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