Sunday, April 14


No matter how many times I see it, I still can not believe how fast baby chicks grow. These pictures, taken last week, show the girls starting to shed their downy fluff and tiny feathers are starting to appear. I picked up one of the girls to get a closer look and these tiny little feathers are fascinating. So intricate and delicate and coming in rapidly. Just amazing.
Catching one to hold is quite a challenge. These girls are very fast. And skittish. As soon as I come into the room and make my presence known, the start racing back and forth in the metal tank like baby road runners. i am cleaning the shavings and poop out of the water font at least twice a day from the amount of bedding they kick up in their racing. They are getting their scrambled egg breakfast every day. I like giving them a little extra protein and since they do not have access to grass and bugs - yet - I want to make sure they are getting a good, healthy start.

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