Monday, April 22

A Straight Line for the Defences

I spent a great deal of time the other day staking out the boundaries for my new garden fence. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect - nice straight lines and just the right amount of space to fit in everything I wanted to plant inside. After a lot of what amounted to hammering stakes, pulling up stakes, re-stringing the tape measure, and some foul language, I finally got a squared up garden fence. It turned out to be 30 ft x 40 ft - I little different than I had planning out so nicely with my ruler and sharp pencil a few weeks ago.

When finished, the garden fence will be 4 ft high with posts supporting it every 5 feet, give or take a few inches here and there. I have no doubt that it will turn out looking like a respectable garden fence to anyone who might see it. For me, it will be 4 straight lines and sharp corners of durable, woodchuck proof garden fortification.

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