Wednesday, April 17

A Green Basement

I guess no-mercy thinning really does produce results.
Even though things are just starting to 'green up' outside and I have daffodils and crocus and violets in the yard, I still get the most happiness from going down into my dank basement and staring at the sprouts under the lights.

The new chicks, who are growing incredibly fast, erupt in a fury of flapping and chirping every time I open the door, and I know that I will have to clean out the water font - again. These are the most excitable and skittish chicks I have ever raised.
So I talk to them as I inspect the seedlings. I tell them how happy I am with my tomatoes this season and about how I have to admit that thinning without mercy is definitely the way to go. Such strong, healthy looking stems......  And, i have pepper sprouts this year which is surprising because I always have the worst luck with peppers.
I like the fuzzy stems. And they already smell like the garden in August......
I am also starting seeds for my gardening friend this year. This is her second year of gardening and she is always so excited about seeds and watering and soil. And she has tons of questions for me. While i am flattered by her faith in me, I keep reminding her that I am by no means an expert and that I just read a lot of books and magazines. And, or course, I learn a lot from trial and error. Lots of error. Her seeds are sprouting, but not as well as I would like. I somehow feel responsible for the lack o germination and that this might discourage my friend's gardening dreams. As I think about it, there is probably no way I could make her turn away from gardening in only her second year with a few non-germinating cucumbers. She is very enthusiastic and will just suggest that we go in YouTube for tips.

My first time starting broccoli from seed.

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