Wednesday, March 27

The Plan......

I can be an ambitious kind of girl. I can also be the kind of girl that likes to crawl under a rock and let the troubles of the world pass by, but today, I am ambitious.

I have been planning and measuring and envisioning and generally procrastinating all winter long and today I finally put down on paper what I fully intended my garden to be this season. What actually happens, due to budgets, time limitations and unpredictable weather conditions, may vary greatly from this original concept. But I am shooting for something that at least resembles the "plan".

My garden this season, if all goes well, will be 32' x 34'. It will encompass the two existing raised beds and I want to add two new raised beds, both 4' x 8'. I am very happy with the way the first two raised beds turned out. The best part is the ease of weeding and the marked absence of weeds in general. I want to add more beds in the coming years, but I like to make them out of cedar or another type of rot resistant, non-pressure treated wood.

Due to the cost of lumber being so high, the other two areas of the garden will be tilled earth. One tilled bed will be 20' x 8' and the other will be 16' x 6'. What I will plant in the tilled areas and what will go in the two new beds are still in question. My main crops this year will be tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and onions. I am also planning on a row or two of potatoes, watermelon, some pumpkins, and some decorative gourds but I am not sure if these will be inside the fence or outside in a separate area. My main concern is that the vines from most of these plants will take up too much space in the tilled areas. The areas are large, but I like to leave a wide row between plants to allow for easy weeding and tilling.

I have a special area set aside to the west of the garden gate for my hallow tree stump project. Last September a huge tree fell in a wind storm up the road from us and the insides were almost hollow. I managed to acquire some of the pieces and, presto! a garden idea. I have mapped out a 10' x 4' area that I plan to remove the grass from and put down a layer of weed prevention fabric and then a layer of mulch. Then I plan to use some sort of edging to keep the mulch in place and put the hollowed out pieces on the mulch. I have not decided if I will line the insides of the logs with some sort of plastic pot or if I will just leave it and fill the whole thing with dirt. but the plan is to plant a medicinal or cooking herb in each one and have a permanent herb section.

And of course, sunflowers. Lots and lots of sunflowers.

I already have most of the fencing required so all I need is the lumber. I am currently pricing out different suppliers but a decision and a purchase needs to be made by the end of the week. I want the posts cemented in as soon as possible.

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  1. Yes, lumber is really high right now. I am going to do raised berms myself because of that.

    I like the tree stump idea very much. Mind if I borrow it?