Monday, March 25

The New Girls

Meet the new girls..... 6 pullets from the 'assorted' mix at Tractor Supply. Such a cute little group, everyone a little different. I can't wait to see what coloring they will have and what the personalities will be like.
I wanted to get at least six new girls this year to add to the flock since we lost a few of the hens this past year. My original plan was to get 10, then I went down to 8, and I finally decided on 6. I wanted there to be enough room in the big galvanized stock tank that I use to house them - when they start growing like crazy, I want to be able to keep them in there as long as possible without conditions becoming too cramped. So six was the number I settled on.
I waiting until I could go to Tractor Supply alone so I could enjoy the chick picking-out experience, and I did not want little man to know that there were going to be chicks in the house. He still doesn't know and hopefully i can keep it that way. I know he could learn a lot from raising them, however, he is at that stage where he does not listen to a word I say and he would be down in the basement every chance he got. This would mean that the cats would also be let down in the basement and we all know how that would end for the chicks. So little man is being kept in the dark until they are old enough, and the weather is warm enough, for the chicks to go outside in the chicken tractor.
My car 'peeped' and 'chirped' all the way home and it was music to my ears. i was bringing six new little lives into our home and it felt great. From this point on I will know exactly how they were raised, what they ate and drink, how much time they will be outside and how much time they will be in the coop. I will celebrate when they lay their first tiny little eggs and I will fret and worry on the night I introduce them into the flock. My six new little girls.

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