Saturday, February 2

Seamus Harper MacKenzie, III.

We have a new addition here at the house - an unexpected one - but a nice one all the same.

Last Saturday I sent Roy and the little man up to a local cow farm to pick up 10 bales for fresh straw for the chicken coop. The phone rang about 20 minutes later. It was Roy asking if I wanted a kitten.

Now, Roy is one of those people that is always insisting that we should not have a lot of pets. He argues that it is a lot of work, it can be expensive and it can be an emotional rollercoaster. At one time, we had three dogs and three cats and it was a lot of work.

So for Roy to ask if I wanted this kitten, he must have fallen in love it first sight. This must be some kitten! Knowing that my answer would be yes if he did ask, this call cemented the deal.

The little guy rode home in the car on little mans lap. It turns out that when little man got out of the car at the farm, this kitten found him and would not leave his side. All through the cow barn he followed the little man around, trying to climb his leg and weaving between his feet. The farm owners told Roy that he was three months old and that they needed to find him a home. He was just too friendly. They were afraid that he would be stepped on by one of the cows or run over by a tractor.

He arrived at our back door smelling quite badly and the first thing we did was give him a warm bath. He was not thrilled but he needed it. The rinse water was a dirty brown and it took several scrubs before he was clean. After much thought, I named him Seamus Harper Mackenzie, III.

A vet appointment was scheduled for the following Monday and it turns out that in addition to fleas, he had a respiratory infection and an eye infection. He was given medication for all three things and we left with the little guy mewing what i can only believe to be obscenities at the vet staff.

As thrilled as we all are with his arrival, the other two cats are not so sure. Buffin, who is a little mellow since he is older, did not want to be in the same room with Seamus for the first three or four days. He would hide and peek out around chairs and kids toys to get a look at Seamus and then duck back into hiding. He is now, a week later, comfortable sharing the same room with Seamus and they have even been seen eating at the same time from adjacent bowls.

Cheese is another story. She does not like Seamus one bit. The first time she saw him she puffed up her fur, hissed with teeth barred, and then took off through the kitchen. This is the same reaction we have gotten every time they happen to see each other. Seamus is curious and wants to introduce himself and Cheese puffs up the what strikingly resembles and large furry beach ball and races away.

Seamus has already made himself a member of the family - he is so very friendly and has no reservations about cuddling up with either one of the kids on the couch.

Next step - getting Seamus and Cheese on tolerable terms.

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  1. Congratulations!!! :) I love's their crazy antics that wear me down. He'll keep the other cats on their toes!