Monday, February 11

Odds and Ends

The miscellany that accumulates.......

The weather has been a roller coaster lately - over a foot of snow one day, and 50 degrees the next, sleet, wind storms, bitter cold and black ice. The wind made one day last week interesting in that after hauling all 4 recycling bins to the end of the driveway, the pick-up company never showed. During the day the wind picked up and sent all 4 bins flying, scattering all the recyclables across the yard. We had cat food cans in the side field and empty peanut butter jars in the neighbors driveway. We had baby food jars in the pine trees and the little man had a great time chasing runaway milk jugs across the side yard.

We rounded everything up, put it back in the bins, which were now safely in the barn, and I made a strongly worded call to the recycling company.

Seamus had made himself quite at home - lounging on the furniture, swiping food from Buffin's dish, and generally making Cheese's life a hissing fiasco. He has been holding his ground with her and I think she is finally starting to come around, a little. She glares at him from behind the couch and he seems to openly taunt her with his innocent looks.

He spends a lot of him time under my feet. Or, i should say, under the feet of anyone who looks like they might be headed in the direction of the refrigerator. This little guy can eat. Anything. The other day i caught him licking the bowl of leftover mac and cheese. Roy saw him eat a black olive. I watched him take a tortilla chip from the little man and carry it off into the laundry room. He goes back to the vet soon for his checkup and hopefully he will get a 100% healthy report.

The coyotes have been howling every night for the past week and our neighbor, who owns the property around us that the coyotes live on, has informed me that some of them have got to go. He has noticed way too many of them for this area and they are venturing out during daylight hours. In the past, he has allowed hunters to take a few coyotes when the population reached a high level, and I am afraid that time is here again. I hate to see the taking of any life, but with the world the way it is today and the close proximity of people, livelihood livestock and domestic pets to these wild creatures is something that needs to be dealt with.

We hear them howling out back, sometimes just a faint noise, but sometimes very, very close to the house. When the latter happens, the cats become very uneasy and I run through a mental checklist - the chickens are in the coop and the door is secure, Bailey is in the barn with the overhead door mostly shut, all my indoor cats are present and accounted for.......

Having had dealings with an either sick or overly friendly coyote a couple of summers ago, I know enough to see the sense in keeping the local population in check.

We sadly lost our Wok the other night in a kitchen fire incident, that was entirely my fault. I was heating up the oil to try a new sirloin stir fry recipe that Roy suggested, and things got too hot, too fast. As i was slicing and dicing the green peppers at the counter, the oil in the Wok erupted into a ball of flame tall enough to reach the cabinets over the stove. I shouted, Roy can running, the kids started crying, and the flaming Wok went flying out the back door, landing in the snow with a smokey hiss. The smoke detectors went off, which made the kids even more frantic, and we aired out the place with fans while we calmed down the baby and little man.

The Wok is ruined, but i managed to save the sirloin.

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