Friday, February 15

My seeds arrived from baker Creek the other day and I am happy to report that they had everything I ordered in stock. I also received two free gifts - American melon seeds and lemon sunflower seeds. I am so eager to get my hands in the dirt that I did just that. I bought a bag of seed starter, opened it up and filled some trays. There are a few smells in this world that I just love - fresh cut grass, a new box of crayola crayons, and a fresh bag of seed starter.

And of course, freshly delivered mulch.

It is early to start seeds so I got out my gardening notebook and went over last years notes: start peppers earlier, look into getting soaking hoses to replace sprinklers, don't waste time and space on corn, be ruthless on thinning....

Last year I noted the summer-like weather in March that destroyed the fruit trees and that the sunflower seeds were all dug up and eaten before they had a chance to sprout. I have a feeling the same thing happened with the beans but i can't prove it.

So much to do. A new starting and growing system, a new garden plan, and a new page in my notebook for 2013.

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