Friday, February 8

23.21 Pounds...

...of 100% organic turkey. Killed, plucked, prepared and bagged in one giant plastic bag.

It was a gift from a friend of Roy's at work who decided to raise his own turkey's this year. And we got one - a 23.21 lb. turkey. Frozen solid. I could hardly lift it into the chest freezer when he brought it home.

We are very grateful for this bird in that it will provide us with many, many meals.

Defrosting took about 2 days and I cooked it plain on 350 for about 5 hours. It was delicious.

And we have enough vacuum sealed bags of cut turkey in the freezer to last us into the early summer. (I find that ironic in writing that it was frozen, then thawed, cooked, and cut up only to be frozen again, piecemeal.)

Hot turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, potatoes and turkey with gravy.......

Any more interesting turkey recipes would be appreciated.......

1 comment:

  1. Turkey enchiladas, turkey noodle soup, turkey jerky, marinated turkey breast with funeral potatoes, I've got loads of them.
    (My whole family has worked for Notbest at one time or another.)