Saturday, January 26

The water fonts in the coop have frozen solid each day for the last 5 days. I have been changing them out once, sometimes twice a day and the ladies are not pleased. They greet me at the coop door, feathers all puffed up and raised like a German shepherd warding off a burglar. And with pretty much the same noise. They don't like that the water has frozen in the first place and even though I show up with nice, fresh, luke warm water in a fresh font, they are still upset because I did not bring bread scraps.

Nasty attitudes and the raising of hackles aside, it is in fact pretty darn cold out there. It has been hard for my temperature gadget to offer a number higher than 28 degrees. Yesterday morning it presented my with a nice solid '4' when I woke up. We have about a foot of lake effect snow on the ground and more coming down.

I am not a fan of winter. I describe it as bulky, cumbersome and unsteady. The best winter day is one where you have nowhere to go and you can stay inside in front of the wood stove with a book.

I am happy to report that Bailey, the barn cat, has made it through the freezing temps and is spending her days curled up in the cardboard box house I made for her.

When the weather started getting chilly, I scavenged around the house and came up with a sturdy box, some memory foam leftovers and some styrofoam panels. I cut the styrofoam to size and lined the insides of the box for insulation. then I placed the memory foam on the bottom, followed by some old blankets for warmth. The finishing touch was a bright pink fleece "snuggly" that, although advertised as a fantastic idea for late night, cold weather tv watching, it turns out that it is about as cumbersome as winter weather in general. So, Bailey is burrowing down in it and keeping warm. She has been reluctant to venture out of the barn in this weather, and I do not blame her. I see that she has made a few trips, and according to her tracks, they are not far from home. Yesterday, she came out of the barn, took about 4 steps, went to the bathroom, and went right back into the barn.
She will let me get within two feet of her now, and she has started "talking" to me when I come in at dusk to feed her. Not much of a conversationalist, but I will take the few 'meows' she gives me as a gesture of thanks for the bed and the food. She still will not let me pet her and looks at me suspiciously when I try to stretch my hand out to her. Hopefully, she will be my outdoor garden cat by next summer. We can hide in the garden together.
Yes, I am already thinking about the garden. I ordered my seeds from Baker Creek - not many this year in that I have quite a few saved from last year. I have so many big plans for the garden this year, as I do every year, but I am hoping that I will actually get to accomplish some of my goals this time around. Finding the time when I do not have one kid hanging on each leg is the dilemma.....

Bailey tracks

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  1. It's super cold here too. I keep telling Jackson to be appreciative he's an indoor cat. He doesn't agree and continues to long for his much attempted (and so far unsuccessful) escape to the outside. Our chickens are unhappy that we've been keeping them inside so much the past week. Last year we had a couple of frostbite combs so this year it' petroleum jelly or no go. :) Happy Monday!