Monday, January 14


My nice new weather monitor perched on top of the fridge in the kitchen tells me that the outside temperature is now at 40 degrees and falling. Quite a contrast to yesterday when we were in the high 60's watching the snow melt away into rivers.

Little man and I visited my Grandmothers farm yesterday, with my parents, and we enjoyed walking in the woods, breaking ice in the pond and throwing what was left of the snow at each other. Little man thinks it is very funny when we make a big deal out of deer poo. And there was a lot of it.

And with that nice weather yesterday, little man and I did the basics of yard maintenance - picking up sticks and wayward trash. We had a good hour of daylight left by the time we returned from Grandma's so we set to work picking up everything that did not get collected before that last big snow. Mostly downed branches and McDonalds wrappers. Knowing that we got even the tiniest bit ahead before spring gives me that little push to get going on other things.

Together we measured the existing garden area so when the snow reappears this week, I will be able to doodle longingly on my graph paper, planning new raised beds, fencing and my hollowed out stump planting idea. Our current measurements roughly show a spring garden that will be 34' x 32', all fenced. (Not large by some standards, but it is ablout all I can handle with two little ones).

The bigger garden is just one of the things on my list for this year. Now that I feel I am on firm ground with our staying here, I want to get some permanent upgrades and minor renovations done. Big plans this year! After 2012 being a year that will not be remembered well, I am looking forward to 2013 - slowing down, releasing stress, and growing our roots a little deeper.

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