Sunday, January 6

Podcasts to Wash Dishes By

I am a fan of the Kunstler Cast. Why does that sound like it should be preceded by "Hello, my name is Meredith and" ?

I listen while I am elbow-deep in soap suds and dirty sippy cups. And I feel like I am getting away with something. "Ha ha dishes - you are not going to waste my time and energy! I am listening to a great podcast and learning something while I am forced to stand here scrubbing!"

I must admit then when I first met James Howard Kunstler I was a bit frightened. Gloom and doom and all that. But after hearing his speak and reading his books, this guy makes a lot of sense. More on this later, but I wanted to set you up with a link to his podcasts. I find them informative, funny and they make me think about things in ways I haven't in the past.

Example: Why are we thinking that we must develop alternative energies in order to keep things they way they are now? Disney World is never going to run on solar panels. Rethink the priority!

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