Monday, November 26

The Break

I used to travel - a lot. I have been to more countries in Europe than I have to states here in the US. I love hearing new languages, seeing new things and experiencing new ways of life, if only for a few days.

This past Thanksgiving holiday I traveled to Nevada to spend time with my brother who could not come home this year. I had a great time catching up with him, but I realized that my traveling days are going to be limited to the occasional long weekend within driving distance of my home for the foreseeable future.

Readers, I am getting old. I am getting 'set in my ways', 'past my traveling prime' and 'on the downward slope toward 7pm bedtimes'. At least as far as traveling goes. Gone are the days of spontaneous adventure, of flying 8 hours and then having energy to roam the streets of Edinburgh and of thinking that airports are fun and exciting places.

My back is killing me. I spent way too much time in a cramped little seat looking out a window the size of my Kindle. I really just wanted to get home.

But I also really needed the break.

Life has been throwing everything it can at me these past few weeks, indicated by my lack of posts. We have been dealing with family situations, the loss of a long time pet, child behavior issues and many other daily life tidbits that seemed to have all come at once.

So I flew to Nevada and spent 4 fantastic days in 70 degree weather doing absolutely nothing. Yes, readers, i am guilty of hanging out. Slacking off. Being lazy and non-productive. I did not knit a single thing. I did not read anything pertaining to homesteading. I drank Coke and ate pizza with reckless abandon.

My brother lives alone in a new house. I should be ashamed to say that I enjoyed the wall to wall carpeting, the dishwasher, the television that is bigger than the windshield of an SUV. But I am not. I enjoyed it all. I reveled in it and loved it.

Like I said, I needed a break.

On Black Friday, instead of fighting hoards of people for cheap merchandise, I spent the day hiking with my brother and his dog in Red Rock National Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a great time. And it only cost us the $7 entrance fee.

I learned a few things these past few weeks which i will share with you all shortly. This trip made me run the gambit - from excitement and spontaneity to fear and panic to discovering limitations and realizing that they are not the end of the world.

Balance is coming, my friends.....

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  1. A break is good for everyone. Congrats on having a little time for you!