Thursday, November 1

My eyes are so sore and tired that they feel like they are burning. But I am still here on the computer, multi-tasking and trying to cram as much as I can into the time that I have. Everyone is in bed and the house is quiet, except for the fan on the wood stove and the clanking and banging of a sweatshirt zipper tumbling around in the clothes dryer with the other darks.

So many back episodes of American Experience to watch, so many pages ear-marked in Mother Earth News and Grit with information look up or to explore, and so very, very many ideas and beginnings that are just a click away.

Books to read and blogs to browse and I may watch Episode 1 of the third season of The Walking Dead for the 6th time just because I love that show so much.

You may ask why I am using the clothes dryer instead of my drying racks by the wood stove and I will tell you that it is because of a certain baby who has figured out walking and climbing. She thinks that the racks are her personal indoor jungle gym and I have had to rescue her from a pile of half-dried dress shirts after she has pulled the rack down on top of herself. I was getting pretty tired of having to re-hang Roy's work clothes to dry and sometimes having to re-wash them because they fell in the path of the wood box or a hastily discarded juice cup. So, in the interest of time and having to use more water for the washer, plus the baby's safety and my sanity, I have been using the dryer more than usual. And it has become a habit now to throw things in the dryer. Until I can figure out some sort of baby gate clothes drying rack encompassing system, the solar is going to have to pump out a few more amps to get the laundry dry.

Another task weighing on my mind tonight is the storm cleanup that must be done around the yard. My initial evaluation showed not much in the way of damage but when I got out into the yard and looked a little closer, there are quite a few things that will need to be repaired or cleared. We lost a large section of a big cedar bush by the field and also a large branch from the lilac bush. The trees shed more than their fair share of branches and large limbs that the little man and I will pick up one afternoon this coming week if the sun comes out. The wooden 4x4 that holds my two birdhouses toppled so I will be digging a new hole - in a different place I think - to put the birdhouses. These are the favorites of the blue birds and I definitely want them to come back next spring.

The chickens area was not damaged, which surprised me since the netting over their outdoor pen is prone to weather related malfunctions. But it stayed in place and in one piece and I am grateful that that is one thing I will not have to tend to. The gutters on the barn were damaged by flying debris and one of the ends in now bent at an angle that does not let it drain properly. So we have water coming down where it shouldn't, which must be corrected since it is right on the corner of the barn foundation.

Today was what I like to call a "resting day." The little man is under the weather and the baby is showing the signs of a slight cold. It was raining and cold during the daylight hours and spending time inside by the fireplace with books, play dough, legos and leftover chocolate cake felt like the right fit. Now it is time to put a couple more logs in the stove, check the humidifier in the baby's room and climb into bed under a bunch of warm quilts.

Tomorrow is another day.

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