Wednesday, November 28

Just scratching the surface....

It is painfully obvious every time I walk through my living room that I am way behind in my reading. Between the Mother Earth News Fair bookstore, the library book sale, the great used book store in town and countless library options, I have a backlog that is staggering. Add to that the books that I have on the shelves that i had before the fair and the sale plus what i have downloaded on the kindle and i am in serious trouble.

And I love to read! I want to read constantly. I currently have 5 books started/in progress. The problem is two-fold. First, the piles are so intimidating. Where do I start? Who do I read first? Should I tackle the shorter books first or take on the big Shelby Foote Civil War collection?

Secondly, there is the matter of time. With winter approaching I will have more time indoors and not as much yard maintenance on my plate. And there is nothing better than sitting in the chair by the fireplace with a book in my hands waiting to be started. But, as you know, i have two children. And because I have two lovely children, I do not have the luxury of free time.

If you are a Mom, you know about the magic hour. When all children happen to take a nap at the same time and there is that realization that you do in fact have a little free time. For me, it is the sound of a heavenly chorus in my brain - which quickly turns into sheer panic. "What do I want to do? I have FREE TIME! What to do first??"

I spend the first 10 minutes completely freaking out about the fact that I have free time and then another 10 minutes stressing about all the things I want to do and trying to pick one that will fit into the allotted time for around an hour and a half.

Reading, blogging, genealogy research, house chores, garden projects, taking an uninterrupted shower....

How do you tackle your book shelves? How do you find time to digest all those wonderful hardcovers?

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