Monday, November 5

Coyotes, Cats and Reassurance

Last night was a chilly one here - into the low 30's - and I put an extra blanket on the bed. Even though the woodstove does a great job at heating most of the lower level of the house, the upstairs is significantly cooler. I don’t mind this since sleeping in a cold room is preferable to me and the kids have their footed fleece jammies and plenty of blankets to keep them warm and toasty.

I went upstairs last night with the intention of crawling under the blankets with my warm alpaca socks and reading the next chapter or two of DianaGabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I was a few paragraphs in when the coyotes started singing. I could hear them howling and snipping at each other somewhere out in our neighbors 40+ acres, but tonight they sounded a little closer than usual.

A rather loud belt of robust squealing resulted in Cheese, my 3 year old Maine Coon cat, flying up onto the bed and taking up residence on my chest.

When we first adopted Cheese she was a tiny ball of fluff, barely able to claw her way up onto our bed. The first three nights she was with us she slept on Roy's neck, right under his chin. She was scared of being in a new place and sleeping in this somewhat strange place seemed to comfort her.

Cheese has since grown into a beautiful example of a Maine Coon and her fur is thick and soft. She is the lady of the house, and she knows it. But last night she was trying her best to curl up on my neck like a kitten. She was shaking and digging her claws into my shoulder. The coyotes, that we hear at least once a week, were just too close for comfort last night. I put Jamie Fraser on the nightstand and wrapped my arms around Cheese. I scratched her head and told her that everything was going to be ok. Her fur was warm and long and soft and she slowly released her claws from my shirt and relaxed enough to dose.

I took this as my cue and reached over to turn off the bedside light. Last night I fell asleep listening to coyotes playing with a heavy, warm cat on my chest. Sometime during the night she jumped down and went about whatever she does during the night hours. And sometime during the night I remember wondering how nice it would be to have someone scratch my head and tell me everything was going to be all right too.


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