Tuesday, October 30

Storm Report - 8:30am

A windy and rainy night here but i am happy to report that it was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be. Some downed branches in the yard and the Halloween pumpkin flag has seen better days (I forgot to take it down), but compared to some of the photos i am seeing from areas a lot closer to the coast, we are fine.

The lake was churning last night and they did evacuate some of the homes along the immediate shoreline. Power is out for some people and schools are closed but the little man, the baby and I will be enjoying a play dough and lego kind of day since there is no pre-school today.

In our area, I believe that there was a little bit of over-reacting by the weather people. People cleaned out local grocery stores of D batteries, bread and bottled water. Generators were in short supply.

I can not tell you how wonderful it felt last night, when the wind was gusting and the rain was pounding, to know that we would be fine. If the power went out, we would have been fine. The generators would run the fridge and freezer, the wood stove would still be pumping out heat and thanks to our solar charged batteries, we would still have our internet service. A stocked pantry, plenty of baby supplies, wood stacked on the porch - goodness, that was a wonderful feeling.

According to the most current weather map what is left of the storm looks like it will be right on top of us Wednesday morning.

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  1. I hope you and your family fared fine. There was over-reacting in our town too and you are so right - it's nice to know that you have all you need and everything will be ok. :)