Tuesday, September 25

Sunny Fall Days, Iris Bulbs and Limited Tantrums

I beautiful fall day today here in upstate NY and I just wanted to go back inside so I could step out the door into it again. And again. And again.

I love that fall smell. Things are still blooming in moderation, the grass is still green but peppered with fallen leaves. Not cold, not hot, not humid, a slight breeze, sun shining, blue sky and happiness on so many levels.

Have I mentioned that I love fall?

The little man, the baby and I did not waste any of it today. After preschool and lunch, we loaded the baby in the stroller and headed out into the yard. I had quite a to-do list planned but with my newly adopted mentality of "don't stress about the to-do list and spend more time being a fun Mom" I started out pushing the little man on his swing. This put him, and me, in a pretty good mood for yard chores.

Together we took out what was left of the tomato plants and stored the cages and stakes in the shed. He carried his blue plastic pail around and picked up any wayward tomatoes that were just this side of no-good and had a great time feeding them to the chickens. The baby's stroller was parked by the coop run so she was in all her glory chatting away with her feathered friends and watching them peck at mushy tomatoes.

That leaves just three pepper plants in the garden which have suddenly started producing peppers again. My garden this year has been a pretty big disappointment and it will be taken down to the bare bones before next spring, both physically and on paper. I need a new game plan. More to come on that front.

Other chores were accomplished as well with limited tantrums from the little man. I have found that if I give him what he thinks is a very, very important job, that he will happily help me pick up all the sticks in the yard. Today it was moving the garden wagon around all by himself. And it is fun for me to see what he can actually do. He is almost able to use the wheelbarrow and he loads the empty recycle bins in his red plastic wagon and tows them back to the barn. I keep thinking of him as a little boy, which he is, but he is also a very capable, strong and helpful young man. Part of altering my mentality is allowing me to see him in a different light.

Mixed in with sandbox playtime, we got the iris bulbs replanted by the old well house cover and the bird bath. A little color is needed there and next summer I am looking forward to seeing the spiky foliage and those purple and white flowers brighten up that little section of the yard.

Taking it as it comes, getting things done, not stressing and making more time for family.

And it's fall! Did I mention I love fall. Good things always happen in the fall.

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