Saturday, September 1

It is Saturday morning, of the Labor Day weekend, the weather promises to be fine and the baby just filled her diaper with something I would rather not clean up first thing on a fine Saturday morning.

Roy and the little man have gone out early to pick up the front loader attachment for the tractor which promises to give me at least two hours of semi-quiet time to start the weekend off. The tractor is finally repaired and it will be brought back sometime next week. Roy is very excited about this and I still can not see what he needs such a big tractor for on our two little acres. We already have a snow blower for the driveway, and a shovel, for that matter, and aside from moving our side field, I can not think of anything else we would need it for off hand.

It seems to be good to have it though, in case of emergency: cars stuck in the snow, the occasional construction project, the male need to have machinery. I guess I will take the possibility of a few ruts in the yard if it means I have a happy hubby.

This past week - and this past month - have been terribly busy and full to the brim with just about everything.

Today is what I call a "getting my bearings" day. I am going to tackle the piles of 'stuff' that have been slowly building this past month. Everything from laundry to garden re-evaluation to updating the actual to-do list. Also, the month of August has seemingly dumped a whole load of half-finished projects and ideas on me. Add to that the tasks still left to do that are on the 'less-than-desirable-way-to-spend-a-day' list and we are looking at one miserable September.

The pantry is in desperate need to organization. I have managed to carve myself a pantry out of the laundry room closet and it is quite stocked. However, when putting away the items after shopping, I am usually refereeing two kids, tripping over three cats, and hurtling baby gates like an olympian. Things get put where there is a free space and that is the end of it. So, at this point, I really don't know if I have 37 cans of black beans or 3. Add the 18 pint jars of grape jam that I made this past week and the 4 jars of spicy tomato salsa that I managed to get preserved and we will be eating well for a long time to come. That is, if we can actually find any of it behind the bags of cat litter.

The basement and the bottom half of the barn fall into that less-than-desirable chore category in that they both need a thorough cleaning and removing of accumulated junk. A dirty and spider web filled job, both of those will be and just thinking of having it do it makes me instantly think of three other things that "need" to be done first.

On that note....

The large shed in the back yard is in desperate need of a coat or two of paint. It has not been painted since we moved in but I managed to get the trim done last fall. So we have nice bright white trim on a red shed which only goes to further emphasise the fact that the red is just about gone. Chipped and flaked and faded, the red paint needs to go on before winter, and that is a task that I know comes very near the top of the list.

Diana Gabaldon is not helping in the slightest. Since I started Outlander, I have not been able to put down this series and it keeps me up reading well after my bed time. I am currently reading The Fiery Cross which is wonderful and I will post more about this later.

Even now as I write about being distracted with Jamie the Highlander, the baby has made a run for it. Or I should say 'a crawl for it.' Since she learned to crawl, she has been an unstoppable force and her speed is astounding. She has been keeping me busy with her exploring - pulling herself up on things, crawling up the stairs, putting everything she can find in her mouth and looking as sweet as can be while doing it all. I think that I am in trouble. Check back to this blog when she is 16 and see if I can still put a coherent sentence together.

For now, I must go fish her out from under the kitchen table where she has managed to crawl into a prison of chair legs and is babbling for assistance.

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  1. Let Jamie take you away. He's a hunk and a half. I've read all but the latest book on that series. I'm waiting for the price to come down before I get it.