Saturday, September 15


Going through the July/August issue of Urban Farm, I can across a picture that looked kind of familiar. Someone had used a hallow tree stump to plant herbs in and I said "Hey! That was my idea!"

Granted that many people have probably had the exact same idea much earlier than I did, but it was such a coincidence to see the article so soon after I had obtained my hallow tree pieces. (I am also an issue behind in my magazine reading because I just can't keep up.)

In his article Frank Hyman writes about the use of tree stumps to grow Sage since it is sensitive to even the most minimal of over watering. He learned of this technique from David Cecelski who had about someone else doing it. So much for my lightning bolt of unique inspiration.
He did not mention lining the inside of the stump with plastic or a used garden center container - he just put the dirt, compost and what-not in, planted the Sage and left it to its own devices. It worked out pretty well for him.
I am in the very, very, very early stages of planning the garden for next year and I think that things are going to be vastly different. More raised beds, adequate fencing, mulched areas for the hollow logs to sit on, and a different kitchen or medicinal herb planted in each one.

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  1. Meredith, I love this idea for herbs. I had a tree stump I had planted succulents in but herbs are much more practical!