Thursday, August 9

the 'heavy'

I am sitting on the couch watching Olympic divers shooting for gold as the rain pours down outside my windows. A storm warning has been beeping and flashing its way across the bottom of the tv screen for the better part of an hour now, and I can hear the thunder and relentless rain hammering the metal air conditioner cover sticking out of the side of the house. An ancient dinosaur of a machine, that. A window air conditioning unit that we found in a back closet of the house when we moved in. It is huge, heavy and completely energy in-efficient. But what it lacks in appearance and green standards, it more than makes up for in its ability to cool the entire downstairs on the most humid of summer days.

There are few things that I will tolerate as far as the idea of waste is concerned. But that air conditioner, and using the lawn mower to give the little man nature rides, are two things that I have no shame about.

The humidity this past week has been absolutely stifling - so heavy and thick that it takes on a form of its own. I feel that it is stalking me, just waiting for me to venture outside so it can encompass me like a straight jacket. The heat and humidity has been punctuated periodically with vicious thunder storms and short downpours which do little to chase the heavy weather. They suppress it for a short time but it hangs there, taking refuge in the pine trees and in the bottom barn until the rain clouds pass and it can churn back up to claustrophobic intensity.

This month of August is all about the 'heavy.' This is always the busiest month of the calendar year - Thanksgiving and Christmas are a cake walk compared to late July and the entire month of August. It is Roy's busy time at work with many trips all over the country. Almost every day, and certainly every weekend, is jam packed with commitments, chores, obligations, reservations, ideas, schedule conflicts, late nights and early mornings.

Tonight the baby would just not go down in her crib and I have found myself, yet again, finishing the dishes and checking the blog with dry, tired eyes. I enjoy so much the way I can share with you all the things we are doing here. This blog is as much for me as it is for cyberspace - my creative outlet, my way of working out ideas and working through homesteading problems and disappointments, accomplishments and joys. It is something I look forward to working on and where I can just be me. My husband has no idea that I have been blogging for 3 years. I think everybody needs a little secret. Especially when things get 'heavy.'

It is time for bed. Prince, who is currently using my ankle as a pillow, will follow me upstairs and take his usual spot on the bed, just to the right side of my head. He will insist that I place my arm in such a way that he can rest his chin on it and I will fall asleep listening to his purr and the vibrations on my wrist.

Morning will come too fast and I will wake feeling more tired than I am now. But I am determined to get out to the garden with the camera tomorrow to take pictures of my wonderful ripe tomatoes for you.

Thank you, readers, for hanging in there with me and reading along.


  1. This is a busy time of the year, I agree.

    We've had the same humid weather. The air is almost chewy, it's so thick.

    Let's hope it'll stop soon. Lots of rain down here today and tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a break?

  2. This whole year has been busy for us but August is as well. I am hoping to figure out a way that we can be less busy in the future - I am just not sure quite how.