Thursday, August 2

Robin Hood, I Am Not.

Notice the many arrows scattered around in the grass.
Not my finest performance.
I know now that if I were alive in times of bow and arrow hunting, I would either be a strict vegetarian, or I would starve to death in short order.

Roy gave me a very old wooden bow that was his Grandfather's and I have slowly been getting up the courage to use it. Lets face it - the monster takes a 64" string and it is made out of wood. And it is old. I could picture drawing back, hearing a loud crack! and being impaled with sharp wooden splinters.
Also, there was a matter of time. Private time during the day is pretty much non-existent for me with the little man and the baby. Evening hours are spent doing house chores and family things. And weekends are pretty full. Plus I did not really want the kids out there with me when I was probably going to injure myself.

So the bow sat in the laundry room, arrows in the quiver, and I looked at it every time I did the laundry or fed the cats. I had visions, once the threat of splintering was past, of myself taking out frustrations on a paper target - shooting arrow after arrow into the bale of straw. I have not had an opportunity to shoot since high school but how hard could it be, right?

I've seen Kevin Costner in Robin Hood about 100 times. It's easy! Right?

Not even close. And I say that both in answer to my question and what amounted to a general description of my hitting the target.

Every shot I made went to the right and I am now on very sore terms with the cherry tree. And anything else located to the right of the straw bale.

Given that the whole lack of time thing that I mentioned before had not changed (still got the house, farm, husband and kids...) they were all out there with me. Roy was trying to show me what I was doing wrong, and his way of doing this was to shoot arrows in the target (show off). The little man became my designated arrow retriever and he treated it like an Easter egg hunt. He is actually pretty good at finding lost arrows. Must be because he is lower to the ground. The baby just sat on her blanket and wondered what the heck was going on and the chickens were assured in their status of non-meat birds, given that I could not even hit a stationary target let alone a moving one.

After about an hour of shooting, arrow retrieval and much frustration, I came to the conclusion that I am going to need a lot of practice. But this is something that I really want to do. I want to be able to shoot an arrow and hit the target. I can not explain why but I just feel like it is a skill that I want to possess.

I hit the target!! Once. With the old wooden arrow.
Notice how all other arrows that managed to hit the straw are to the right.

I did hit the actual target once. I had taken two big steps to my left and aimed for the stump, second to the left of the target. Now that takes some skill.....

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