Tuesday, August 21

Practice Makes Perfect... (and keeps the shed in one piece)

I was quite happy with my slight progress in firing arrows into a straw bale this evening. With the little man, the baby and Roy in lawn chairs watching from a safe distance, I managed to hit the bale more times than I missed it, which is an improvement from previous attempts.

I have moved my target so that wayward arrows no longer go sailing into the side field for myself and the little man to hunt for. Now the bale is positioned up against the side of the garden shed and arrows missing the target make a loud bang as they hit and bounce off the side of the shed.

This serves two purposes - first, the no more looking for arrows in the field and second, I am most likely making the woodchucks living under the shed reconsider their choice of accommodations.

People driving my must look twice if they see me out there with a long wooden bow, firing arrows at my shed while wearing a jersey skirt. I have taken to wearing these knee-length skirts to the garden and to do basic yard activities. They are comfortable, non-confining and airy. (The also double as a great way to carry any produce that I pick while out in the yard.) Shooting practice in a tank top, skirt and beat up converse sneakers might not be everyones cup of tea, but it makes me happy.

I have 20 arrows in total or various lengths and compositions and I try to shoot at least three rounds, which is to fire all 20 arrows and retrieve them three times. This evening I managed four rounds for my audience and the little man clapped when I hit the target. I managed to put a few into the shed that stuck, leaving small holes. Being quite pleased with myself and my apparent "strength behind the bow", even though I did not hit the target, I looked at my audience and smiled.

Roy smiled back and said to the little man - "See? Mama CAN hit the broad side of a barn!"

More practice tomorrow....

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