Thursday, August 16

Email Dispatch

Last month Roy took the little man camping and to a music festival. Family oriented, at least during the daylight hours, Roy and I have been going to this festival since we started dating. The past 7 years have been a no-go due to kids, schedules and injuries, but this year Roy wanted to take the little man.

Here is an email I received via his phone from their day at the festival:

"So far I have been chasing little man around. He doesn't like to sit still.

He played in the Sand Box, saw compost theater, rode the shuttle around and spent over an hour on the beach in the hot sun. I couldn't drag him away from the beach and all he wants to do is to go back.

He doesn't like his juice and he wanted lemon aide(5 bucks) and didn't like it. A strawberry smoothie (5 bucks) didn't like it. I am well hydrated.

He is having a great time. I finally have been able to sit down in the lawn chair because he is getting tired.

Oh, and the batteries in the camera went dead.

Lots of people here this year.
Hey - he finally just passed out from exhaustion. He is laying on someone else's blanket."


  1. hubby is going to sleep like a baby tonight LOL.

  2. Ha! I laughed out loud while reading this. That is too much. Sounds like a good and memorable time. :)