Sunday, July 29

Sweet Peas

I love sweet peas, but I don't at the same time. So nice to look at but so hard to keep in check.

I see the sweet peas coming up, both in places where I planted them and in places I did not. The places where I started the seeds look great - full, spreading visions of vine, leaves and flowers in different stages of blossom. These are manageable and I enjoy them. Where I did not plant them is where the trouble starts.

They are still very pretty - the one that appeared next to the catnip, black eyed susan and sedum plants is beautiful as it winds up the catnip plant, now flowering. The bees and birds like it and it looks nice on the home made support I constructed for it to climb up.

But it is killing the mums and toppling the black eyed susans. Refusing to be content on the support, it seems to be strangling a new plant every day. Definitely one of those plants that you have to keep on top of as far as pruning goes.

Next season will require a taller trellis, or more aggressive pruning.

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