Monday, July 2

She Likes Chickens

The other day I had 14 babysitters. Fourteen very entertaining babysitters.

It turns out that the baby loves chickens. Which is good for her since she will be helping care for them when she is old enough and good for me because I can let her be entertained while I do garden work. Better then television and I get work done. I do not feel bad about this.

So I parked the baby by the chicken pen in her stroller. She chatted with the chickens while I weeded and mulched. I have no idea what they were talking about but between her squawks and their peeping and cawing I can only assume that they were discussing my lack of parenting skills.

The one chicken sitting by the fence does seem to be taking her duties quite seriously.

All in all, the ladies are doing well. They are happy egg layers, grass fertilizers and bug eaters. I made them a new dust bath area with sand and some DT earth and I still love to watch them shake off, feathers poofing out, no matter how many times I have seen it. They remind me of little lap dogs after jumping out of a kiddie pool.

The heat and humidity of the past week or so has made them a bit more lethargic and they keep to the shady areas of the outdoor space. I have been checking their water, and the water in the chicken tractor, twice a day since it tends to need refilling more than usual on these humid days.

The little chicks in the tractor love feeding time and they devour the bread scraps that I give them along with their grower/finisher feed. They should be ready to introduce to the flock by the middle of August.

Another summer with poultry television.....


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from the Barn Hop. You are very fortunate to have 14 babysitters! :) Looks like she is having a great time.


  2. same, coming from the barn hop :) My 2 years old loves chicken too! that was one of his first words! :)

  3. my kids love the our chickens too!! my 1 year old sees the chickens and says "bawk bawk mamma bawk bawk". awesome post!

  4. My 16 month old climbs on the back of our couch to peek out the window at the coop and says "ma, ma, ma google google goo" that is her word for chicken. She loves them