Monday, July 16

One Point For Me

Yesterday while doing some odd yard work chores I found where the raccoons got into the main shed the other night. Right in the corner of the window where there is mesh and wire and other things slightly obstructing the view. I immediately whipped out the staple gun and remedied the situation, along with checking the other screened windows and reinforcing them just to be safe.

I wanted to spin the staple gun around on my index finger when i was finished and holster it on my hip. I am finally on the board - raccoons, 5 points, homesteader, 1.

Please ignore the poop - I cleaned off what I could before
taking this picture. The raccoons left a deposit on their way out.

This morning I stepped out the back door and had humidity and heat slap me in the face once again. It is going to be another hot day here, and it is July so it is not a huge shock. But we do need the rain and a little break from these temperatures. Surprised at my sudden appearance, I watched a lone chipmunk execute a perfect swan drive from the bird feeder, landing five feet down in the pachysandra.

I approached the main shed and coop with a little apprehension - what would I find today? Spilled feeders? Toppled storage containers? Raccoon poop?


They didn't get in - although I can see where they tried through the chicken wire window again. Just the smallest indentation in the corner where I can only imagine they tried to push their little noses through and decided it just wasn't worth it. (I had noted some raccoon fur caught on the sharp edges of the wire where they had made it in the first time).

The chicks in their "deer in the headlight" stare.
I let the ladies out into the sunshine with much clucking and shuffling underfoot, retrieved the feeder for the chicks from the covered bin, and headed over to the tractor to let  the little girls out for the day.

I noticed that "something" had tried to dig under the tractor - a half hearted effort that resulted in nothing but a slight dirt impression in the ground. I must have weakened their spirits with my stellar reinforcement of the window wire and they just didn't have the heart to try anymore.

A good way to start the day, given that it is one of house cleaning and general stay at home Mom/homesteader/housewife jobs and tasks.

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