Sunday, July 8

Groundhogs Behaving Badly

So cute, I know. And still too young to be afraid of angry gardeners. Or maybe they are just hard of hearing.

In any case, these two groundhogs have been decimating my beans, peas and broccoli so far this season. And there are surely more of them. A furry invasion force, so cute, but so stealth. I have no problem with a nibble here and there, a missing pea pod or a half chewed bean. And this is why I have resisted fencing in my vegetable garden. In past years lossed have been minimal to just tollerable.

What I do have a problem with is losing all four rows of beans and peas and all but one broccoli plant to these bottomless pits. And the last broccoli plant is on life support as it is.

I caught these two in the garden this morning and I was able to get very close to them sneaking up on my bare feet.

They did not notice when I snapped the camera and kept munching away - one on clover in the grass by the raised beds and the other up on hind legs loudly chomping on a pea vine.

A listened to the one chewing on the peas and knew that a fence was in my future. My very near future.

With that, I said "Excuse me! What do you think you are doing?!!?" The one in the clover took off and dove under my garden shed.

The second one just kept eating!

He got down on all fours and nibbled on a fallen pea pod, but he stood his ground. I was about 3 feet from him when he finally decided I was a threat and juggled his furry little body across the garden.
I watched his hind end disappear under the garden shed and upon further inspection, they have not one but FOUR holes dug to access the underside of the shed.

The fuzzy hind end scrambling to get under the shed.

Without getting a flashlight and sticking it in the holes, I am going to assume they are living under there.

Great. This is just great.

Drought. Fox. Groundhogs. Poor germination.

I think tomorrow I will watch for the cloud of locusts.

As for the fence, I know that I will be installing one as soon as possible. And I also know that it will not be the fence of my dreams. It will be a quick fence - most likely heavy wire and metal posts with a crude door. If I am to get anything from the garden this year, I must cut off the groundhogs free salad bar less than 6 feet from their back door.

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  1. Good luck. I am fighting off groundhogs too. Put up a fence, they go under it, we put out live traps and they manage to get the apples from them and do not get trapped. I too have lost most of my beans, the other day I sprinkled the beans with cayenne pepper water I mixed up, hope it works.