Saturday, July 7

Caught on Film!

Well, on digital memory card anyway.

This morning I was in the dining room at about 7am when I saw something furry run across the front yard. Not a dog, too big for a cat. Coyote? Fox?

A fox. I saw him slinking through my side yard working his way through the garden in a round about way towards the chicken pen.

Right now I should type "I grabbed my shotgun and let him have it" but what actually happened was I grabbed my camera, took his picture and then yelled at him. This made him run, obviously, but I kept the ladies in the covered fenced in run today just in case.

I got a picture of him trotting around the side yard, thinking about his approach.

He then wandered up and down the rows of potato plants and onion shoots and went around the back of the garden shed, out the other side and into the high field. I saw him sitting in there chewing on something. I remembered that Roy had put the remains of the chickens from the other day in the field, but not far enough in.

This fox either an innocent bystander who smelled the chicken or he was the criminal returning to the scene of the crime to search for leftovers. There is no way of knowing if this is the fox that got the chickens in the first place.

I have not seen a fox out during the day very many times. I have seen them when scared from a hiding place or at the very last night of dusk, but not wandering around in the broad daylight looking for a meal.

Does anyone know much about the habits of the fox?

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  1. I don't know much about their habits, but I do know we had a fearless fox around our place. While our chicks were still in the basement this spring a fox would regularly walk in yard during the day. Our neighbor caught it a couple of times trying to dig into his chickens. This fox would not run from anyone. He even poked it with a stick the one time to make it leave his chickens. I am happy to say this fox is now gone....hopefully making a nice rug!