Sunday, June 3

Rain, Rain and More Rain (and a broken pump)

The poppy is no match for even the lightest rainfall.

Today's weather was just stupid. I know that sounds ridiculous but I found myself saying it all day, sometimes out loud, sometimes in my head.

"Stupid weather...... stupid weather........stupid weather"

It rained. It stopped. The sun came out. It was hot. It sprinkled. It stopped. It poured. The sun came out while it was pouring. It stopped. The sun went away. It got cloudy. It rained........

That was pretty much the entire day, making it absolutely impossible to even attempt any yard projects. The yard is a soggy mess, the garden is a mud field and just about every flowering plant I have is hanging to the ground, bent over by the weight of drenched blooms and leaves. The peony's are getting the worst of it - all drooping forcefully, petals plastered to the ground and looking miserable. All the iris blooms called it quits and are now mushy shriveled up globs. And how depressing it is to see a drenched poppy. That must be the saddest garden sight of all.

But I was not about to sit in the house all day.

I did manage to get a little bit accomplished on an outdoor project in between soaking rains. I finally got the door framed and attached on my new chicken tractor. I have been working on it for about a week now as time allows and the only things I have left to do are attach the roof, make the ramp and attach the wheels. It is for the 7 Red Sex Links that are still too small to go in with the ladies, but I just can not stand to keep them penned up inside the coop any longer. I want them to feel fresh grass under their feet and breathe fresh air.

Soon, little girls....soon.....

The rest of the day was spent fretting over the waterlogged vegetable garden, running errands and doing the massive loads of laundry that have accumulated. I was forced to wear a skirt the other day due to lack of clean shorts or pants. Not a pretty sight since I have yet to lose my post pregnancy weight from the little girl.

I was just finishing up a load when Roy smelled something burning.

The way the day was going, I would have had a meltdown if it was my washing machine. So much laundry to do.......

But it wasn't the washer, it was the sump pump in the basement. With all the rain we have been having, it has been working overtime and it finally gave up. The pump was smoking so Roy unplugged it immediately and we stood there staring at it - like that would somehow make it whole again.

So we are without the pump tonight and luckily the rain has let up to a drizzle. I have the emergency pump out and ready to plug in if it is needed tomorrow - the only thing is this pump is either on or off so I will have to keep running down into the basement every half hour to check and see if it needs a pump. Roy will be picking up and installing a new automated pump after work tomorrow, so I will just have to hold down the fort until then.

They are predicting more showers for the next few days so we will see what is left of the veggie gardens after it dries out a little. They will love the water and thrive or they will become waterlogged and rot. Either way, it will make for an interesting weekend.

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  1. Yes, this weather is just stupid--I agree. I'm sorry to hear about your pump.