Tuesday, June 12

My Saving Grace

My saving grace at the end of a hectic, stressful or just plain exhausting day is when I get to slip away out the back door and take a short wander in my flower gardens. Seeing what has bloomed, what is at the peak of color and what has declined and faded for yet another season seems to give me some sort of peace. Life moves on, as evidenced in buds.

I used to combine this time with feeding Kitty in the upper barn and I would talk to him about the new red roses or how great the peony's smelled in an effort to win him over and be able to scratch him behind the ears.

However, now that we have lost Kitty, I am just a garden spectator again. For a dropped-off cat who came to us at the beginning of last winter, that orange ball of fur made quite an impression on me. I was working up to a friendship - a day when I could pet him and take him to the vet without causing him trauma. To get him checked out and bring him into our home. He was my cat and he looked to me for food and shelter.
There is something to be said for having something that is completely your own. Being a wife and a mother it is hard to obtain this. Every minute of my life is spent in the company of another person and everything possession I have is shared property.
I don't have secrets, but I do like privacy. And the freedom to call that privacy a possession. Kitty was my one private charge. And I enjoyed taking care of him. I sorely miss his company.

If he were still here I would tell him that my roses are all blooming and the pink climbing variety has hundreds of blooms in all stages. The smell is intoxicating. I have rose bushes all over the property in all colors and types and every day something new is blooming.
I was given some bright white daisy's that I planted near the lavender - I like the combination of the bright white with the more muted purple of the lavender with it's grayish foliage. I am also very happy with the poppies this year, although I must remember to plant more red seeds in the future.
The portion of the vegetable garden that I let grow over this year to replenish the nutrients has produced a fantastic number of daisy's that attract all sorts of bugs and bees. It makes a nice border to the pumpkin and squash seedlings and when those seedlings are branching out, the daisy's will be gone so the oranges and whites and greens of the future fall decor will creep into the tall grasses and provide their own color.

Not everything is doing so well however. The orange lilies are taking over the one garden and have crowded out my other lilies as well as my yarrow and bee balm. I am going to have to do some serious digging and thinning at the end of the season.

Something has also been snacking on my hollyhocks - two of the large plants have been eaten down to the stems along with all of the strawberries. And I am dealing with an invasion of ground ivy which I am battling by the bucket full.

I feel I am fighting a losing battle with it and in some places where the flower gardens are a little sparse I have let it go, waving a white flag of surrender, favoring the little purple flowers to no flowers at all.
So tonight after a cold drink and the baby monitor on, I ignored the ground ivy and enjoyed the roses. Some lucky friend or family member will get a huge pot of orange lily bulbs this fall and I will look forward to a new cast of colors tomorrow.  

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