Thursday, June 7

Kitty is Gone

I took this picture of kitty a few days ago when I happened to have my camera with me at the barn during feeding time. He was getting so tame that I could almost pet him. He would wait for me to come up to the barn at dinner time, under this stack of white plastic lawn chairs, and he would meow at me as I filled his bowl with dry food.

He liked the sound the food made when it fell into the bowl and when I shook the plastic container it was stored in. I would wait near the bowl after filling it - letting him work up the nerve to come over to the bowl with me still there. We made great strides in trust and I almost get to pet his fluffy orange coat the other day. He could be Princes' twin, except Kitty's face was different.

Two nights ago when I went up to feed him, he was not there in his usual spot. But I was feeding him a little earlier than normal and it was a nice day. I though the was just out doing whatever he did during the course of a day.

Yesterday after arriving home a little before dinner time from some errands, my neighbor from across the street walked up my driveway. Her family is fond of Kitty also and keeps a look out for him. She told me that there was an orange cat laying on the side of the nearest main road. It had been hit by a car and did not know if it was Kitty.

I immediately checked the barn but I knew even before I opened the heavy sliding door that Kitty was gone. His spot under the chairs was empty, as was the old couch that he slept on at night.

We got in the car and drove up to where she said the cat was, and it was Kitty. He must have been hit sometime after I took this picture that night or early the next day. Roy moved him off the side of the pavement and way into the tall grass by the field where he would be left in peace from passing mowers and dogs. Roy said that it looked like he was hit in a way that he did not suffer and it was over quickly. I did not ask him to elaborate on how he knew this.

I looked forward to feeding Kitty every night - he was my break from the hectic day. I could go up to the barn where it was quiet and it was just me and Kitty. If we did not have time to form a relationship, what we did have was an understanding. I fed him and gave him a dry place to sleep. He greeted me with meows and a golden eyed stare. For a few minutes each day I could kneel down and try to help this dropped-off cat, building a little more trust each day.

I just hope that I made his months here as comfortable as possible and that he knows he was loved.


  1. Oh, I am sorry! It's so hard with outdoor cats, people just aren't careful enough.

    My condolences.

  2. Oh poor kitty. This post broke my heart. it's amazing how animals find their way into our hearts, even if they're not "ours."