Tuesday, June 12

(from here on out known as SPSS)

Yesterday was a hot and humid nasty little mix of weather. There was a breeze but it was dry and stale and it was a miserable day to do anything outdoors. The kids were feeling the stress and were cranky and irritable, as was I.

Today has brought massive rain showers that are currently flooding the basement but doing almost nothing for the stifling humidity that is still hanging in the air. The house smells of must and wet basement, mixed in with baby formula and that ever annoying scent of desperation.

The automatic basement pump that kicks on when the sump pump sink gets full is not working and the new one is sitting in a nice neat little box on the front porch, right where the UPS man left it yesterday morning. I have no idea how to install a new draining pump on a sump pump slop sink in a basement.

Currently, I am listening for the tell tale slamming and banging of the sump pump (from here on out known as SP) pumping brownish water into the sump pump slop sink (from here on out known as SPSS) and when it has gone off two or three times, I know that the sink is full. Then I go half way down the basement stairs until I reach the end of an extension cord that I have run from the portable pump that I have submerged int he SPSS. I plug it in and it pumps the water out of the SPSS, up an old section of garden hose and out of the basement window where the water runs downhill away from the house.

Such are the exciting life and times of a modern homesteader who's husband is out of town for work so he can't install the automatic pump until Thursday.

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  1. I've had days similar to that. Keep your chin up, brighter days are coming, I guarantee!