Friday, June 1

Borderline Madness and Strawberry Thieves

Today was one of those days where I just could not catch a break.

The little man and the baby tag teamed me all day - when one was crying the other was bouncing off the walls. When one was wanting attention the other was having a massive meltdown. One wanted to go outside, one wanted to stay in. One napped fitfully while the other had Mommy issues that made weeding the garden impossible.

Do any of you have three year olds out there? Maybe you are having the same problem I
 have - he is never quiet. Never. He is talking constantly. About nothing:

"How did that stick get there?"
"Look! The moon is out!"
"It's my birthday!"
"Can I use my jump rope for a lasso?"
"I told you that was how it works."

And when he is not talking, he is making all sorts of noises that run the gambit from pterodactyl shrieks to zombie growls. Jabber, jabber jabber. Chatter, chatter, chatter. A constant bombardment.

It's borderline madness and it is driving me crazy.

When does this stop? Does it ever stop.....

No breaks for me today.

The garden seems to be following the tag team trend. Some things are doing great while others are pitiful.
The potatoes are the only thing keeping me from plowing the
whole mess under and putting in a tennis court.
The potatoes are one of the great ones - they are exploding in their two rows. Nice straight, neat rows (don't mind the weeds.) The broccoli and cauliflower are doing very well, as are the peas and beans - those peas and beans that managed to show up for the party, that is.

There should be more than 4 bean
plants in this long row.

In a row of about 22 ft. I got 4 bean plants to come up. Four. The second row of beans did a little better but something came in and nibbled the tops off half of them.

I have two more packages of beans and another packet of peas soaking now. They will go in tomorrow and hopefully do better than the first planting.

The matter of strawberries must also be addressed here. I have a growing bunch plants - spreading nicely - in one of my flower gardens. All loaded with beginnings of berries. (See Before picture). Today I went to inspect them and I found that something has been making a midnight snack of not just the berries but the entire tops of the plants as well. (See After picture).

Not a good way to start off the season.......
And after.

A pea plant that decided it might as well germinate,
unlike many of his siblings.


  1. Oh that sucks! I am sorry about your strawberries and your beans.

    And yes, the kids to eventually stop talking. It's about the time they start school. It seems they do all their talking there, and then have nothing left when they get home. At least that was my experience.

    Hang in there!

  2. I'm trying.... maybe I will get a pair of high quality ear plugs to make it thorugh the next few years!