Wednesday, June 13

Birthday Clothes Line

What is the best gift a girl can get for her birthday? Something useful, practical and energy efficient, of course!

When we moved in to the farmhouse we cemented in our clothes poles near the house on the east facing side. They were very convenient to carry heavy baskets to and I could have the windows open on a breezy day to hear the sheets snapping in the wind.

However, that was 7 years ago and trees grow. Trimming branches did a god job at letting the sunlight back in at first but the trees are too big and between them and the house, there is just not a full day's worth of sun to dry all the laundry. Not wanting to cut down my trees and not being able to move the house, our only option was to move the clothes poles.

Easier said than done. With is busy work schedule Roy just have no spare time to tackle this project. And it was not 100% essential so it was put on the back burner time and time again.

One of the poles had started to tilt due to not being buried and cemented deep enough (and I hit it with the mower once day a few years ago, don't tell), so they had to be repaired, if anything.

So when my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year I decided to ask for a yard project instead of a physical present. I asked if they would come over on a weekend and I would help Dad with the poles while Mom watched the kids. A deal was struck and this past weekend the poles were moved. Roy was out of town for work so I had free reign of where I wanted to move them to in the yard.

The first pole - the tipping one - came out easy. No problems there. The second pole was buried far deeper due to uneven ground and it had way more cement for some reason (I can not remember why). That pole took most of the afternoon on Saturday. The little man helped a great deal and did not get bored and distracted as he sometimes does with yard projects. This involved dirt, sledge hammers, rocks and worms, so he was content and very happy. And very dirty.

Dad and I finally got the pole out and we then marked out the place they would go. I chose a spot on the north side of the house, being the back yard, where the sun hits between 10:30-ish to well past 5pm. The perfect spot - our second choice when we originally put in the poles. (We ended up putting them near the house to compensate for my still healing back and my inability to carry heavy loads any more than very short distances.)

Sunday, they were back and we were digging the new holes with the shovels and post hole digger. Little man was again very helpful and found it very entertaining to try and squirt Grandpa with the garden hose. Six bags of ready mix cement later and we had two clothes poles leveled and in the ground. I can not use them until they are fully set which might take until the end of this week, but it will be worth it. I can hang my clothes on a temporary line that i have put up by the shed and I have my clothes drying rack on the front porch.

A better birthday present I could not have wished for and it will last for years and I will remember the weekend of hard work and time spent with family each time I hang out a freshly washed load of baby clothes and bath towels.

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