Sunday, June 24

As I watch the sun kiss the tops of the pine trees out my kitchen window, I can not help but think that I was just standing there not too long ago doing the dishes. It was in fact just 8 hours ago that I was standing there looking out the same window, elbow deep in suds, watching a very fat raccoon enjoy the dish of dry cat food I had set out for Bailey, my gray and white stray cat.

Dishes done, I retired to the couch to work on a pair of wool socks and watch the second half of the History Channels' Dark Ages. I got to bed around midnight, and I was up at 5:15 in response to a fussing baby demanding a early breakfast. It is chilly in the house as I left some windows open last night and with the baby wrapped in an afghan in my arms, happily devouring her bottle, I browsed around on facebook to see what others might be doing. I am waiting for a post from a friend that they have finally had their baby girl - she is well overdue.

Buffin, one of my cats, spent this time sitting next to my chair, meowing every second and a half for breakfast. That cat can eat. He considers the breakfast hour any time between 4:30am to around 10am. And he is always up for seconds.

Now the baby has fallen back asleep and I would love to do the same. I would love to crawl back under the covers of my warm bed and sleep for another hour or so but I know that this will result in being woken by the little man by being poked in the face or having the covers ripped off of me or being jumped on. I will see that mischievous happy little smile on his face, bright blue eyes all glowing with anticipation - "What are we doing today, Mommy?"

My immediate response, given that I am still in a warm bed, unless he did rip the covers off, is usually "You're looking at it." Sleeping is a great way to spend a lazy morning. But even as my eyes feel like sandpaper this morning and I know that I am overtired, there is much to do today. Weekends are a time when I have both childcare and muscle (thank you dear husband).

The sun is a little more than half way down the pine trees now and soon it will start to vaporize the morning dew. Today I am planning on cleaning the coop, moving the chicken tractor (more on that soon), and many other little projects. I might even try to see a movie tonight with my husband - a rare night out if I can get the planets to align and my parents to babysit.

Best wishes for a happy and productive Sunday to all of those watching the sun come up on their homesteads this morning.

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