Thursday, June 7

And Then the Washing Machine......

First the sump pump, now the washing machine.

It's 11pm. Do you know what YOUR washing machine is doing?

Apparently not washing my clothes, even though I specifically remember loading it, adding detergent and turning it on. It stopped half way through the rinse cycle and hasn't made a peep since. So at 11pm when I went to put the load in the dryer before bed, I was greeted not by damp clothes waiting for the dryer, but a washer full of water.

I spent 5 minutes fiddling with the dial and randomly pushing buttons. I spent the next five minutes swearing (quietly due to sleeping kids) and kicking the washer.

Then I spent the next half hour up to my elbows in very cold washer water hand wringing out the clothes and tossing them heavily into the dryer. I was fully aware of the wide range of environmental sins I was committing by doing this, even before the washer went. Normally I would do laundry in the morning and then hang it out on the line to dry. But when the baby spits up all over three different outfits, the little man has an potty "accident", plus all the other items that build up, I was willing to suck some power off the grid to dry the little mans socks and Roy's work shirts.

After ringing out said socks and work shirts, I was really in the homesteader doghouse by having to use three times more electric to run the dryer long enough to dry the soggy mess.

I emptied the entire washers full of water out by dipping in a tupperware into the drum and then dumping that into a 5 gallon Tractor Supply bucket. 7 full buckets later I was able to move the washer away from the wall and disconnect the hose to see if there was a clog. The remaining washer drum water flowing freely out of the hose onto my floor let me know that there was indeed no clog. That meant it was an internal timer problem.

In my experience, washing machines can get pricey to repair. It is almost better to get a new one. This particular washer and dryer was bought second hand about 7 years ago from a shady looking gentleman at a public storage unit. It was cheap and we were strapped for cash.

And it served as well - through all three dogs, the kitties, both Roy's and my work, yard and regular clothes, and then a little boy and a baby girl. That washer got a workout.

We decided to get a new set since the dryer was the same age as the washer and it wasn't performing up to par recently either. We chose an energy star, energy efficient set that seems to make every effort to save both power and money.

Our first ever brand new washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow.

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