Wednesday, May 23

Wood Duflo

We spent Mothers Day at the Rochester Lilac Festival in beautiful weather. The lilac bushes were all pretty much past their prime, having bloomed earlier in the strange early spring we had here. There was one small bush that still sported a handful of good blossoms, which was subsequently the most photographed bush at the festival.

Tough going.....
Due to the great weather, the place was packed and it was hard going in the rows between the vendor tents. Border lining on claustrophobic, the rows were much too narrow to accommodate the crowds and it made browsing very difficult.

We spent time taking the little man on the rides and lounging on the grass eating food from the many local restaurant vendors. When we did venture down to the arts and crafts vendors we did find some great items, despite the massive crowding.

Roy finally replaced his old wallet with a nice new handmade leather one from a great vendor selling all leather goods. His wallets have to be extra durable since he is so hard on them, and this one seemed well stitched and finished. He has had no complaints so far.

I found a fantastic vendor out of Dunkirk, NY that sold all wood kitchen products. Since I have slowly been replacing my plastic cooking utensils with wooden and bamboo, I was definitely interested in checking this out.

Photo from HERE
I ended up buying a beautiful deep straining spoon and I love it. I tossed two old dark green plastic spoons that I had been using as soon as I got home.

The vendor was Wood Duflo and they make handmade hardwood kitchen implements from reclaimed wood. Their website describes the process in great detail and lists a variety of wood types and how to care for the finished product properly. They use FDA approved food-safe clear finishing oil to protect the wood.

Measuring Spoon Set
Coffee Scoops
"We are the sole creators of every unique implement and vessel you see on our website and in our booth. Each is a signed, hand crafted piece we hope you will enjoy using."

Looking at all of their items, each one is totally unique and I had no doubt that the statement made the woman manning the booth was correct - "this spoon will last you the rest of your life." A durable and well crafted product that I can definitely see passing down to my daughter some day.

Curly Maple Measuring Set

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