Monday, May 21

My Fabulo-tastic Day In Jackson - Part 1

Yes, that is what I said when she asked me if I had had an ok time. First, it was totally more than an ok time - it was a great time! An inspiring time! A Fabulo-tastic time!

I don't think I have ever seen my GPS
say over 200 miles before...
A Fabulo-tastic time. This was my nervous minds attempt to relay to her that I did in fact have a fantastic and fabulous time. If she thought I was an idiot, she didn't let on, and was as gracious and as pleasant as ever.

That was the first thing I noticed about her - how genuinely friendly and open she was. From the minute I arrived at her home it felt like just that - a home. A comfortable and inviting space with like minded people ready for a day of conversation and food and livestock admiration.

 I managed to collect a wide variety of bugs on my
windshield while passing through
NY's Leatherstocking Region.

It is a 5 hour drive, give or take, from my home to hers in Jackson NY so it was a 2 day adventure for me. Given that I am prone to debilitating panic attacks which have been known to wreck entire European vacations and the occasional music festival, I was slightly dreading the excitement of it all.  So, armed with anti-anxiety medication and a can-do attitude, I was off on the NY State thruway system and driving at speeds that I haven't since I had children.

No kids, no husband and loud music with questionable lyrics, mixed in with a rest stop dinner and bathroom breaks made for a fast 4 hours. At my dinner stop, I declined the offer of a 64oz. giant plastic mug for soda and told the lady I would just take the regular medium cup.

64 Ounces = 1.89270589 Liters
That's like drinking almost 2 of those two-liter bottles.
Who in their right mind would buy a 64 oz. gigantic mug and fill it was soda while traveling on the thruway!!??!!? You would be stopping at every rest stop and pit stop and areas with a wide shoulder to do your business.

I arrived in Latham NY and to a very nice hotel with a kitchenette and a very spacious bathroom. After lounging and fighting off a little panic attack, I was sleeping with the aid of ear plugs. This hotel was near the airport.

A lake. I have no idea which one.
The morning brought a very nice free breakfast from which I stocked up on apples. It also brought a massive panic attack that required two pills and the realization that my GPS is a sadist.

The roads that I was directed to were no more than one lane passages with no center line, no shoulder and sometimes no pavement. Given that i had spent 4 hours on the thruway, this was shock to my system, but these are the kind of roads that I love. Given that, I knew that she lived out in the country but I was just under the impression that there might have been a little more of a direct route.

I made it - just in time - to Jenna's road. Just as I thought it would be. Secluded, peaceful and slightly bumpy.

Who wouldn't want to live on a road like this!

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