Tuesday, May 29

The heat and humidity were so thick this morning that I felt physically oppressed. Like there was a weight pressing down on my shoulders making even the simplest of house chores fell like Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Level 3.

Picking up the kids toys and watering the houseplants resulted in a sticky sweat and humidity ravaged hair. I had kept the windows closed last night because the temperatures were still toasty by bedtime and they were predicting a thundershower overnight, even though it never appeared. So I kept the windows closed this morning along with the blinds and curtains, turned on the fans and resolved to do nothing more strenuous after the toy/watering incident.

The little man, the baby and I camped out on a huge, cool play mat in the family room reading books, watching cartoons on Netflix and losing myself in the latest issue of Mother Earth News. The baby was miserable due to the heat even though I had her stripped down to nothing but her diaper. We do not have air conditioning at the house and venturing out to the mall or the library, although cool, would be more trouble than it was worth.

As the lunch hour approached, the radio warned of incoming inclement weather in the form of thunderstorms, rain, high winds and hail. I wondered what had taken so long. Such high humidity could only result in a thundery downpour but the heat was taking every available inch and minute allotted before the rain finally moved in.

I could almost hear the entire outdoors sigh in a chorus of thanks for the relief. We stood on the front porch and watched rain and the lightning until the wind picked up sending wet gusts onto the porch swing. Inside, the house was so dark it was like early evening but I left the lights off. I felt the darkness added to the dropping humidity level and I would do anything to speed up the process. I secretly hoped the power would go out, but then quickly changed my mind. No power meant no fans and that would mean very crabby children and a stressed out afternoon.

The automated voice on the scanner's weather channel told me that "lightning is one of nature's best killers." Good to know.

The rain let up and the sun is now shining again. The temperature is currently 81 degrees but the humidity has decreased. I have hope that this evening after dinner I can begin work on my new chicken tractor for the 7 new Red Sex Links. They are currently in the coop with the other 14 ladies, but separated by fencing to prevent fighting. The new girls are getting bigger by the day but they are still only a month and half old and I don't think they could hold their own against the full grown girls. So in order to get them some fresh air, sunshine and grass under their feet, I am building the tractor.

This rain has also been needed in the gardens and I am dreading the proliferation of weeds that will be popping up in the tomatoes and peas because of it. A small price I suppose, for nourishing rain, banishment of humidity and a good show from the front porch.

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