Wednesday, May 9

Growing Up

My new little girls are growing so fast. Every day when I check on them, I can see the differences. Feathers are coming in, personalities are forming, appetites are rapidly increasing.

I have started putting the water font on an overturned terra cotta pot saucer to elevate it enough to keep the girls from kicking pine shavings into their water. It is still low enough to allow easy access to the water and as they grow i will stack another overturned one on the original so it will grow in height as the chicks grow in size. i am hoping that this will keep the water cleaner.
This feeder works much better in my experience.

I have also decided that the oblong chick feeder is not going to work. They basically get the whole thing full of shavings and poop and then can't get to the food. What they do down there all day is a mystery to me but it must be pretty exciting to allow for that much kicking up of shavings.

This feeder wastes too much food and gets contaminated
with shavings and poop too easily.
Not my chicks, but this is what they do, which results in the poop.
Fresh food must have been put in for this picture.
I invested in an inexpensive feeder that is the same size and the water font and works the same way (food falling from the top). This works much better in that the girls do not try to perch on it, and therefore, no poop gets in the food. We still have some shavings but not nearly as many as the surface area of exposed food holes is much more limited.

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