Monday, May 7

Curse You, Diana Gabaldon

Few things can cause me to let the laundry form a pile representing a large mountain.

To let the dishes pile up on the counter and the living room rug to hold remnants of un-vacuumed goldfish crackers.

Even with the presence of two children under the age of three, I have tried to keep an orderly home and property, which requires planning and scheduling and aggressive time management.
Yet I have stumbled across something that has completely taken any regimen of my daily life and thrown it right out my window in 2012 Western NY and into 1700's Scotland.

Curse you, Diana Gabaldon.

Forget the laundry, dishes and crunchy goldfish bits underfoot. I'm lucky to have clean diapers on the baby and milk in the fridge.

The most guilty literary pleasure...... this book is impossible to put down. I find myself bleary eyed, glued to the pages at odd hours reading about Jamie and Claire. While feeding the baby, while stirring dinner on the stove, while supposedly being spellbound with the little mans latest block tower....


And this is just book #1.

There are 6 more, with a 7th coming out in 2013.

Housewives, homemakers, homesteaders, secretaries, bankers, lawyers, career politicians... people everywhere are getting nothing done in the interest of Scottish fiction.

All my other reading interests have gone to the back burner. I should be reading about chicken tractor construction, plant rotation and new baby hat knitting patterns. Poor Joel Salatin has been sitting on the shelf, bookmark in page 34. My book on farming Civil War battlefields will have to wait.

The basic premise (not to give anything away): A woman from 1945 is transported to 1734 Scotland and chaos, intrigue, romance, excitement and hand to hand combat commence. I know, it sounds a little strange, but once you start reading, I double dare you to put it down.

Try reading little tidbits like this and not wanting more....

"And it was convenient to the pillory, a homely wooden contraption that stood on a small stone plinth in the center of the square, adjacent to the wooden stake used - with thrifty economy of purpose - as a whipping post, maypole, flagstaff and horse tether, depending upon requirements."

...with thrifty economy of purpose...   I love the language.

Not only interesting descriptions that make you admire Scottish ingenuity, but useful advice for everyday life - 21st century, or 18th:  "I can tell ye from my own experience that a good hiding makes ye consider things in a more serious light." (which must be read in a Scottish accent, of course.)

And my favorite quote from the entire book:

"It was peaceful on the road, with that sort of absolute quiet that comes when you are miles from any other person. The sort of quiet so hard to come by in my own more crowded time, when machines spread the influence of man, so that a single person could make as much noise as a crowd."

I'll be lucky to have a clean house and a single pea vine in the garden this year....


  1. I have read all the books in the Outlander series - loved them all and can't wait for the next one.

  2. Hahaha! I have read all of them now and the last one was supposed to come out last summer...then this coming summer...and now 2013! I can't wait! A lot of fun!

  3. Why do I just feel like I've met a kindred spirit?

    I just found your blog through the hop. It's late and I can't go exploring right now, but I can tell you two things:

    1) I will get me that book.
    2) I love your style!

    Pop over to my blog to say hey, sometime, wouldja?

    I'm Anne.
    I write Life on the Funny Farm.
    You can find me at

    See ya'!

  4. I've read all of them to and they're great. I think it's the 8th one due out in 2013! more to read, yay!

  5. I found these books a few years ago, when I had four kids under 6 at home, and I was completely useless to anyone while I was reading them! The first is the worst for not-being-able-to-put-down. And I will warn you now, that when you have finished them all, you will want to go back and start them again. I envy you for having all those books to look forward to!