Wednesday, May 2

Book Reports

What Came After
Sam Winston

This was what I call a "take a chance" book. I had not heard anything about it from friends or seen any good reviews online. I just came across it and decided it looked good. And it was, mostly.

End of the world stuff involving how people would survive in their daily lives - a topic that interests me. Throw in a little social upheaval, governmental shutdowns and figuring out just what is important when things don't go the way everyone thinks they will stay for the next generation.

"There was nothing left but the Wal-mart and the dollar stores selling imported goods that people used to make here better, like this was the third world. Other than low-end retail there was only fast food and health care, and those two seemed to go together. A match made in heaven. Until Medicare ran out and Social Security went bust and nobody had any use for the government anymore anyway. Why should you keep paying your taxes when there's nothing coming back. How can you pay taxes when you've got no income."

After the seed industry has turned completely backward - seeds saved from food can not be grown due to huge risk of very bad things, foods must be shipped to factories where they are made safe to eat. Seeds have been so genetically modified that no one knows what is safe and the world has pretty much gone the way of survival first, society second.

"When the price of food soared beyond reach they cultivated their own little yards and window boxes with seeds that they'd saved and dried and pinned their hopes upon. Knowing what they knew about genetically altered PharmAgra stock but hopeful nonetheless. Others moved outward, fleeing to the countryside for the plainer life it promised. In either event the results were the same. You never knew what treacherous homegrown unprocessed food might be lurking in plain sight, either in your own kitchen garden or on some farm stand table."

Treacherous homegrown unprocessed food. I love this. What some companies have been trying to make us believe for years is actually true in this book, and having these words together in the same sentence just resonates with me on so many levels. Treacherous. Homegrown. Unprocessed. Food.

"Inspired by what he'd done and extending it. The way people will, given a chance." A little hope here in this quote, even after everything put forth in the book. Granted he is describing a plumbing system.

This book was a good read - interesting and partially informative. It makes me want to invest heavily in non-GMO seed. The end was a little abrupt and I felt it was a little rushed, given that the book on a whole took time to explain things and crafted the details.

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay
Suzanne Collins

If there is anyone out there how has not read, is reading, or has these books on their "to-read" list, then I would advise you to indulge in this "escape from your life a little" series of books.

Book #1 - Fantastic! Just a great story and I could not put it down. Just trying to imagine the people and the settings from the descriptions (before seeing the movie) lead to a whole new branch of a possible future. A little over the top as far as the capital is concerned, but not so far fetched that you can't see it happening, at least in part.

Book #2 - Pretty good. It did drag on in parts but overall it was necessary to tell the story well. Adding lots of great details and bringing out the characters, and then picking up with more arena action.

Book #3 - Even more fantastic than book #1! Just when you think things can not get any more interesting/worse/exciting/nail-biting/engaging.....

Parts did get a little hard to follow and I felt that the ending was very good, but slightly rushed, as in What Came After. I wanted to see more descriptions of what changes were brought about by the revolution and maybe more about the next generation and how they reacted to their parents involvement in the uprising.

On a whole, I loved this series. I would have liked to hear more about the individual districts and their rolls in the rebellion, but other than that - A great escape to dive into.

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