Monday, April 2

Transplanting Hope

The plantings in the basement have really taken off as far as keeping on germination schedules. No mutantly-large specimens and no poor performers either. Even the peppers have sent little green shoots up giving me hope that this year I will have actual peppers ready to pick in the garden before September.

I went ahead and transplanted the Nasturtium since it was doing to well and the tops were crowding the top of the clear seed starter top. These will be great in my front porch hanging baskets this season. I have given up on the overpriced baskets from stores since they are just that - overpriced. I can grow my own for a fraction of the cost and I reuse the baskets from year to year.

That is the same reasoning I use for growing pretty much all of our veggies as well. It saves money, and of course, the other benefits that make the effort worth it.

Here they are in their new, more spacious homes for the time being. Still right under the grow lights tough - I don't want them leggy. I buried a good inch of the stems when I transplanted as it is.

I also transplanted the broccoli since it was getting tall and leggy again, even after I put additional potting soil around the bases for support. I buried these stems about 2 inches when I transplanted to give them strength.

The tomatoes have all sprouted and are doing well. I was very reserved on the seeds this year. Only two or three in each planting square. In previous years I over seeded in fear of low germination resulting in fewer plants. However, I was just about always rewarded with way too many sprouts and then I had to aggressively thin them, which I hate doing. Although totally necessary, I dread the thinning process since, to me, it amounts to nothing short of plant murder. Innocent little seedlings that I nursed from tiny seeds.......

 The peppers.....  Bad luck in previous years. One year my cat ate the tops off all the seedlings. Last year I had tremendously slow plant growth and didn't get a pepper until September. Hopefully this year will be better. I still find it amazing that we as human beings can place so much hope in a little green seedling sprout.

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